Total Drama Nintendo is a roleplay where a variety of nintendo characters compete for 1,000,000 gold coins! The caracters range from The Portly Plumber Mario, to The Heroic Upbeat Pit.

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Super Mario Bros.: 

The Portly Plumber: Mario

The Life in the Limelight: Luigi

The Pretty Princess: Peach

The Dashing Ditz: Daisy

The Final Boss: Bowser

The Original: Pauline

The Cosmic Queen: Rosalina

Kid Icarus:

The Heroic Upbeat: Pit

The Strongest Man Alive: Magnus

The Pandora Destroyer: Dark Pit

The Goddess of Light: Palutena


The Tough Ball of Fluff: Kirby

The Mysterious: Meta Knight

The Fattened Frenemy: King Dedede

The Useless Cutie: Waddle Dee

Legend of Zelda:

The Strong Silent: Link

The Powerful Princess: Zelda

The Fish Queen: Ruto

The Farmgirl: Malon


The Beautiful Bounty Hunter: Samus


The Main Man: Red

The Main WOMan: Leaf

The Balloon Pokemon: Jigglypuff

Animal Crossing:

The Dog Follower: Isabelle

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